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Sweet Baby Yoda

In Memory: Baby Yoda 6/15/18-9/13/18

Baby Yoda was born at the Walker Shelter on June 15, 2018. Shortly after birth, the shelter director noticed that his right arm and left leg looked odd. His arm was restricted and his leg turned out. His tail is also very hard and has no "give." We took him to the vet as soon as we got him and the vet said that with some physical therapy, there shouldn't be any worry about Yoda's arm and leg. She did say that his tail may have to be amputated.

Update: Baby Yoda just wasn't strong enough to make it. He had a short but happy life full of love and fun. We will always miss this precious baby.

Over time, with physical therapy, Yoda was able to run and play just like any normal kitten. But I noticed he wasn't gaining weight as much as he should have been. I also noticed an odd smell on his breath. The vet said he most likely had a kidney issue. Also, due to his size at 9 weeks, there were probably other birth defects.

An antibiotic helped Yoda and he advanced from formula to regular food. As of the pictures on this page, he weighs just over a pound. Yoda is such a blessing and I am so honored to be his foster mom. And there’s already someone who wants to adopt him when he’s ready!

Baby Yoda helps his foster mom wash her face before bed and he keeps her company
in his tote as she takes care of other kitties and chores. 


Eleanor disapproves of Baby Yoda's smug little after-dinner gravy face.


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