North Georgia Animal Alliance/NGAA

Our Board of Directors

Sara DeBerry
Retired Accountant

Nancy Frye
Retired Nurse

Dr. Karen Ford-Eickhoff
University Professor

Lynne Hall
Real Estate Agent

Dr. Tammy Lovette

Dave Mayo
Retired Police Officer

Susan Pirtle

Debbie Price
Vet Tech/Groomer

Jillian Alexander-Hollis
Legal Assistant

Valerie Hayes

Kris Richardson

Janice Trimble
Record Keeper

Mission and Strategic Points

North Georgia Animal Alliance, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) Organization comprised of volunteers. We operate on the financial support of donations, memberships, grants and corporate sponsors.

Mission of North Georgia Animal Alliance:
Reduce the number of adoptable animals euthanized at the shelters and promote the humane treatment of animals through responsible pet ownership.

Strategic Focus Areas:

Prevent  animal overpopulation through our low cost spay/neuter program. For residents  who are in financial need, we pay the majority of the cost of the spay/neuter at ChattaNeuter and Wally’s Friends – low cost spay/neuter clinics, or at Dixie Day Spay – a low cost spay/neuter clinic that offers a program for stray and feral cats. We also work with local vets to pay a portion toward the surgery costs for pets whose owners might not be able to afford it.

Educate the community about humane treatment of animals.  We maintain a 24-Hour Help Line (706) 937-2287 and our website providing information, resources, and referrals to callers who have a wide variety of questions and needs regarding animals.

Reduce  the number of adoptable animals surrendered and/or euthanized at the shelters.

  • Early intervention with owners;
  • Provide financial assistance with vet care and food;
  • Furnish  resources for behavioral issues;
  • Pull as many adoptable dogs and cats from the shelter and put them in our foster/adoption program; and transfer to other rescues;
  • Reconnect lost dogs & cats with owners by networking through our Facebook page and website; scan for a microchip; provide microchipping


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NGAA is an all-volunteer organization. Our volunteers fill the following positions: President (Valerie Hayes), Vice President (Wendy Brownfield), Secretary, Treasurer, Cat Coordinator, Cat Critical Care, Cat Owner Surrender, Cat Fosters, Dog Foster Coordinator, Dog Fosters, Medical Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Transport Coordinator, Community Cat Coordinator, Shelter Liaison, Medical Certificates, Photographer, Communications Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Facebook Administrators, Webmaster. We always need extra help! If you'd like to volunteer with us, please get in touch!

A look at the past several years...
In 2018, NGAA took in and cared for 727 animals, had 495 animals spayed/neutered, adopted out 299 animals, transferred 167 animals to other rescues, provided vet care assistance for 115 owned pets, took hundreds of help line calls, helped other people re-home pets through courtesy posts on our Facebook page and by word of mouth, provided pet food for numerous people, conducted monthly adoption events and numerous fundraising events.
In 2017, NGAA (then CCAC) adopted out 433 animals (37 dogs and 396 cats). We had 483 animals spayed or neutered (102 dogs and 381 cats). We had 244 community cats altered and vaccinated. We provided vet care for 403 foster animals and 129 owned animals. We transferred 510 animals to other rescues (486 dogs and 24 cats).*
In 2016, NGAA (CCAC at the time) adopted out 431 animals (77 dogs and 354 cats). We had 475 animals spayed or neutered (92 dogs and 383 cats). We had 274 community cats altered and vaccinated (152 female and 122 male). We provided vet care for 130 foster animals and 40 owned animals. We pulled 465 animals from the Catoosa County Shelter (264 dogs and 201 cats). We transferred 540 animals to other rescues (528 dogs and 12 cats).*
In 2015, NGAA (then CCAC) adopted out 283 animals (48 dogs and 235 cats). We had 463 animals spayed or neutered (92 dogs and 371 cats). We had 112 community cats altered and vaccinated. We provided vet care for 505 foster animals and 102 owned animals. We pulled 364 animals from the Catoosa County Shelter (188 dogs and 176 cats). We transferred 524 animals to other rescues (485 dogs and 39 cats).*
In 2014, NGAA (then CCAC) adopted out 554 animals (120 dogs and 434 cats). We had 802 animals spayed or neutered (138 dogs and 664 cats). We had 117 community cats altered and vaccinated. We provided vet care for 872 foster animals and 291 owned animals. We pulled 310 animals from the Catoosa County Shelter (220 dogs and 90 cats). We transferred 474 animals to other rescues (470 dogs and 4 cats).*
In 2013, NGAA (then CCAC) paid to have 886 animals spayed or neutered (198 dogs and 688 cats). We had 112 community cats altered and vaccinated. We pulled 356 dogs and 179 cats (281 after all the pregnant ones had their kittens) from the Catoosa County Shelter. We adopted out 226 dogs and 505 cats. Of the dogs, we transferred 146 to other shelters. We provided vet care for 997 foster animals and 131 owned animals.
In 2012, NGAA (then CCAC) paid to have 554 animals spayed or neutered (156 dogs and 398 cats). We had 68 community cats altered and vaccinated. We pulled 337 animals from the Catoosa County Shelter (133 dogs and 204 cats). We provided vet care for 549 animals.
In 2011 -- year of the Ringgold tornado, NGAA (then CCAC) provided assistance to have 493 animals spayed or neutered. We placed 154 animals in homes via adoptions and transfers to other rescues. We helped several community cat colonies and helped many people who were affected by the tornado keep their animals in their homes. This year sharpened our focus and got us more directly involved in the rescue and aid of animals within our community.
We field thousands of calls, emails and messages seeking help with animals every year.
*We send many dogs and some cats to other rescues where there are more homes available for adoptable animals.


North Georgia Animal Alliance, Inc. PO Box 5484 Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
706-937-2287  Facebook
North Georgia Animal Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization.
Donations of money and supplies are tax-deductible.

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