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Volunteer/Help (We need you!)
Contact us at 706-937-2287. Other contact info: Click Here.
> Urgent! We need foster parents for cats and kittens! Foster one or more. It will save lives and enrich your life!
> Could you serve as a transporter one day a week or more? We need people for early morning and late afternoon slots to Dixie Day Spay in Cleveland, TN, and McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga.
> How are you at cleaning? We need cage cleaners at Fort Oglethorpe Petsense where we place our cats and kittens for adoption. Slots open 7 days a week, flexible schedule, great team job for pals -- talk & clean!

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Supplies We Always Need

(See drop-off locations below or call us and we'll pick up donations)

Kitty Litter
(we've been buying
Scoop Away from Costco)

Paper Towels
Sanitizing Wipes
Puppy Pads
Kitten & Cat Food
Pet Beds & Toys
Carriers & Crates
Food Bowls
Blankets, Sheets
Trash Bags
Laundry Soap

Drop-off locations for supplies (or call 706-937-2287)

2039 Battlefield Pkwy
By Dollar Tree/Michaels/Aldi
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

M-Sat: 9 AM-9 PM Sun: 10 AM-7 PM

Have you ever seen a frightened, lonely kitten or cat or puppy or dog learn to trust again after being taken into a loving home? That's what we get to see every day. It's what makes this work worth it. It's what you can experience when you join our rescue team. We see the worst of human nature, but within our rescue, we also see the best. However you can help, we would appreciate it. Every dollar counts and every job counts, small, medium and large. Give us a call at 706-937-2287 to learn more. Or go ahead and fill out a volunteer application online and we'll call you: Online Volunteer Application

Online foster application

Details: You can fill out a volunteer application here to get started or contact us to learn more.

Cat Fosters: You will take care of cats or kittens short-term (usually no more than two months) until they are ready for adoption. It helps if you can run them to vet appointments, but if you can't, we'll find someone who can. We train you in caring for your fosters, administering medication, etc. Our medical director is available to answer questions and other fosters are always ready to help with tips and advice. We can provide equipment and help with supplies and we cover vet care and medications.

Transporters: Here are the slots we need people for. > Twice a month: Morning run: Fort O Publix to Cleveland Dixie Day Spay. Late afternoon run: Dixie to Fort O Petsense. Cats are already in carriers, just need to be loaded into your vehicle, which needs to hold 20 carriers. 

Cage Cleaners: Lots of options available. Cleaning all cages (9 in wall, 2 cat condos) takes around 2 hours once you get a system going. All cleaning supplies on site, training video here, plus we'll train in person, You'll be handling cats, too, transferring to holding cages until regular cages are clean. Many of our cleaners take time to socialize with the cats and kittens, too (a bonus). Great volunteer job for a couple of friends to do together or for a parent/teen team.


North Georgia Animal Alliance, Inc. PO Box 5484 Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
706-937-2287  ngaa.animals@gmail.com  northgeorgiaanimalalliance.org  Facebook
North Georgia Animal Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization.
Donations of money and supplies are tax-deductible.

Adoption Application Process

Cat Adoption Application Online  Cat Adoption Application Printable  

Dog Application Online  Dog Adoption Application Printable

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