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Some NGAA kitties who found forever love...


Q. Does it cost anything to adopt a cat or kitten?

A. Yes. There is an adoption fee of around $95 (it can be higher for some cats, lower for others). That helps us make sure people are serious and committed to adopting and also helps cover the cost of vet care (all our cats are spayed or neutered and are up to date on their shots before adoption). 

Q. How soon can I get my new cat or kitten?

A. Once you've turned in your adoption application, NGAA will review it and contact your references. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on how hard it is to reach people. If your application is approved, you will be contacted and our cat coordinator will arrange for you to pick up your new cat or kitten. 

Q. Why do I have to sign a contract?

A. We assume a long-term commitment to animals we rescue. Your contract will include things like what to do if you can no longer care for your cat (return it to us) and certain standards of care you agree to.

Q. How should I prepare for my new cat or kitten?

A. It would be great to bring a carrier with you when you pick it up. Find out what kind of food it's been eating and have that on hand for it (you can switch to another food, but it's best to do that gradually). Have litter box and food areas set up at home. If you have children, talk to them about being kind to animals, explain your new pet may be afraid at first and how it's best not to overwhelm it. Have a plan for slowly introducing your new pet to pets you already have. Be prepared to be patient -- it can take a little time for your new cat or kitten to adjust. 

How to Adopt Cats and Kittens

CATS & KITTENS AT PETSENSE & PETCO!! Run over to Petsense or Petco in Fort O to see some of the wonderful furbabies we have for adoption! They need forever homes! You can also see them and many more of our furries on Petfinder

1. You can see our cats and kittens 3 different ways:

- Go to Petsense or Petco of Fort Oglethorpe where you can find some of our cats and kittens for adoption. 
- Follow us on Facebook where we post pictures of the cats we have for adoption.
- Check Petfinder.com where we list and picture our cats.

2039 Battlefield Pkwy
Next to Dollar Tree/Michaels/Aldi
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

234 Parkway Dr.

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

2. Fill out an adoption application online or print one to fill out and send by email or mail (ngaa.animals@gmail.com or PO Box 5484 Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742)

3. Once your application is approved (see approval process), you'll have to sign an adoption contract and our cat coordinator will arrange for you to get your new cat or kitten.

We sometimes do adoption events at Petsense and at Petco in Fort Oglethorpe. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about events, to find useful resources and to see cats that need homes.

More happy adoption pictures here.


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Adoption Application Process

Cat Adoption Application Online  Cat Adoption Application Printable  

Dog Application Online  Dog Adoption Application Printable

Foster Parent Application  Online Volunteer Application