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Why spay/neuter?

Cute pups, aren't they? But born to an abandoned mother under a stranger's shed. The stranger called us, thankfully, but the pups could have easily ended up dead in the road or euthanized in a shelter. That's why spay/neuter is so important. Prevention frees up resources to help pups like these.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Form

Vouchers available for low-income Catoosa and Walker residents  (TNR for colonies: Catoosa only)

$40 toward cat s/n, $50 toward dog s/n

Spay/Neuter takes up a couple of hours in one day and a little cash. It's a great deal! 

Prevention is the best solution to overcrowded shelters and animal euthanasia.

What animals need to be spayed/neutered?
- Any cat that spends even a little time outside
- Any dog that spends even a little time outside
- Any dog or cat that has ever or could escape
- Community cats (one of NGAA's Catoosa programs)
- There are good health reasons for having dogs and cats spayed or neutered, too, including reducing cancer risks in males and females.



5950 Brainerd Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Low-cost S/N, Special prices for those over 60, Free S/N for ferals in Chattanooga area, S/N includes rabies shot.
Low-cost spay and neuter
182 Airport Road NW
Cleveland, TN  37312
My Kids Have Paws
169 Waterfront Way
Dalton, GA 30720

The cost of spay/neuter for cats: Around $55-$70 at low-cost clinics

The cost of NOT spaying/neutering: $$$$, headaches, time finding homes for kittens, sickness, vet bills, abandonment, guilt, euthanasia

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