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Meet Smokey Joe: Why spay/neuter

Smokey Joe is a wonderful cat, but he's also the poster child for why it's so important to spay and neuter. 

Smokey Joe is a 5-year-old, gray and white, domestic medium hair cat. He's shy at first, but when he feels safe he wants lots of attention. He’s vocal with purrs and cute little sounds. He is, unfortunately, an example of why it is so important to spay/neuter. Because he was not neutered, Smokey Joe has many, many offspring. In his efforts to father more kittens, which requires fighting other male cats, Smokey Joe contracted FIV (also know as feline AIDS). Cats with FIV can live long, happy lives before symptoms arise due to their weak immune system. Smokey Joe does need to be kept away from other aggressive cats, so he doesn’t spread the disease. He’s looking for a forever home where he can relax and get lots of attention. Everyone deserves a second chance. He isn't aggressive to other animals. He’s been fully vetted and neutered. Adopt a Cat

Getting a cat or dog spayed or neutered is easy, good for them, good for you and affordable -- and an excellent investment! 

- It only takes a day. Drop your pet off in the morning at a spay/neuter clinic. Pick it up in the afternoon.

- The cost runs around $40-70 -- a little more for bigger animals, a little less for smaller ones. more for dogs than cats.

- You only do it once! After that, no more worry about babies or females going into heat or males contracting FIV from fighting and passing it on and on and on.

- There is strong evidence that spaying and neutering helps reduce certain cancers in cats and dogs.

- There is NO evidence that it's good for female dogs or cats to have at least one litter. All that does is make it necessary to find more homes for puppies and kittens while desperate animals wait in shelters for homes and are often euthanized.

Be part of the solution! Spay/Neuter!!


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