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Mikey Finds & Gives Love

Mike D’s Owner, Tammy Smith, shares:

When I came in to the pound the day I met Mikey, as I call him, I had no plans of leaving with a dog. I wanted to see about volunteer programs to enlist my son in for his college applications and thought I'd walk through and see the animals.

The little dogs were outside and they were acting crazy!!! Mikey just looked at me, sat down and pretty much told me with his eyes he was going home with me! He needed neutering and was heartworm positive so I picked him up from his "surgery" at the vet the next day.

I thought I would make Mikey’s life richer, give him a life I thought he deserved. I have watched him go from a shy guy to a friendly, inquisitive, loving little guy that has made MY life richer!!!

I'm so grateful that he was kept safe, so that we would meet and he would turn me into that crazy dog lady!!! Oh yeah, he just went to the beach for the first time and he loved it!!! He goes everywhere with me. He even likes the road trips!!!

Note: Mikey is a dog NGAA rescued back in 2015 and transferred to the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga. His owner sent this story to HES and they sent it to us. Many, many thanks to everyone who donated, helped and partnered to save Mikey! You can see it was worth it!


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