Community Cats. Some people call them strays, some feral. The fact is that we share our planet with a lot of other creatures, including cats. We need to find a way to do it that is humane and good for the cats and the people.

Watch below as animal control officers share their experiences with humane and better solutions to the issue of stray cats.

North Georgia Animal Alliance speaks for animals that cannot speak for themselves and are often at the mercy of people's biases and ignorance.

Euthanizing cats is not a free, cheap or effective solution to stray or feral cats in a community. It costs money to maintain a shelter, to buy drugs to kill animals, to incinerate and legally dispose of bodies and to keep up with the paperwork required to document these activities. The psychological toll on the people who perform this job is high, and being home to a high-kill shelter is demoralizing to a community and angers citizens.

There is a better way...

We owe it to ourselves and the cats that live in our communities to be more honest about the issue of strays. Pretend answers are not answers at all. Is there a perfect solution? No. Are there better solutions than trying to euthanize all the stray cats in the world? Yes. Take a look at some places that are doing it a better way...

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