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Baby Girl is Really Loved!!

From Baby Girl's Mom: Baby Girl, aka "Granny Cat," update. This old girl here has been a puzzle, but we've finally gotten her figured out. Her hair is full and she's gaining weight. Her skin issues were a severe flea allergy. We'd put Advantage on her and after 2-3 weeks, she was chewing on herself again and pulling her hair out. She has a Seresto collar now and so far so good.

She would only drink running water, so instead of her having to stare at a faucet until someone turned it on, she has a fountain that runs all the time. She's still a loner and sleeps in the same spot for about a month, then she finds a new one, usually a box, cabinet or drawer she feels safe in. When she's out and about eating, drinking or going potty, she loves petting. But she doesn't approach humans, cats or dogs. She's not scared, just indifferent to pretty much everything. On the rare occasion she meows, it's very deep.

So glad we can at least love her and provide for her from afar. lol. She's exhibiting signs of her age and past, doesn't see or hear very well. Blessed that we have the time, heart and home for her.


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